Auntie Tams Signature Salads & More


The entire experience was GREAT!! The staff is welcoming & very catering to their customers. They put pride into making their food. I ordered the jumbo lump crab meat salad and they did not disappoint me in any way. EVERY item they placed in that salad was fresh. I love the fact you're able to add any of the other ingredients from the salad bar into your salad as they are preparing it. I'm happy I stumbled across this place as I will surely be treating myself often. These pics are the start, the preparation and the end result of my meal. Thank you for wonderful service & the best salad I've probably ever had😋
First time visiting today - This salad was absolutely delicious! I've told every last of my co-workers today that they need these salads in their lives! Uncle Curt took care of me and was the best! I will definitely be back to try another salad! Oh! And I got their peach cobbler that I will eat later - I am sure it is as equally divine as the salad! Best of luck to Auntie Tam's! "The pictures look great. However, the food tastes better!"
Drive past this place all the time and never knew about it. I was craving a salad, so I was looking around at maps and found this place. And let me tell you no one does a salad like Auntie Tam. I ordered the steak and shrimp salad. So good, both the salad and the meat on top were delicious. It can be hard to find a place that doesn’t overcook a rare steak, the cook in the back brought out a slice of steak to make sure the rarity was good, and not only was the flavor great it was a perfect rare. Then on top of the food very they friendly and welcoming. I love finding local businesses like this, definitely recommend. I mean just look at that salad, who doesn’t want their salad too lol like that?
Very friendly staff. Went in for a simple garden salad and was very surprised at how good it was. Definitely will be coming back. Great variety prices might appear steep at first but the quality and variety of the food is absolutely worth the few dollars more.
We have ordered a salad many times and they ALWAYS keep it fresh! Talk about an experience, we ordered two salads and were only able to eat one since they pack them so full. FOUR days of being in our fridge and the second one was just as fresh as the day we bought it! See photo! I suggest the peach cobbler and the fruit cups are always sweet and fresh!
Tasted amazing and had great customer service! Beautifully prepared food, but I have to admit it's a tad pricey. That being said I can understand the price because you can tell there is a great effort put into making the food there and lots of love is put into it as well. Everything we had was absolutely delicious. Can't complain! Definitely a local business to support!
This little restaurant is awesome the food is delicious and the owners are so warm and welcoming. The ladies room is so clean and pretty. I got the Hungry Hornet Steak Salad with jumbo shrimp and crab meat with the lobster bisque with a warm buttery roll and I got the home made Mac and cheese and the fresh peaches peach cobbler. And there is so much more, I will definitely be back
Found this place off the Hwy because of the google reviews. Figured I should add mine. Fresh, healthy, amazing one on one service and very friendly. One hundred percent worth the stop and supporting local small business owners. If you like Sandwich and soup shops, this one exceeds expectations! (A through traveler from Massachusetts who would definitely go out of the way next time to stop for a good meal)
Came in for a late lunch with my daughter after a hike. Unfamiliar with the area, but we’re down for anywhere with good salads! The salad was super fresh, and I was able to add as many toppings as I wanted. That’s a dream for a vegan 🙂 chef chops it all up in the back making the eating experience delightful. My daughter got the nugs and signature green beans. She raved about those beans! Chicken was great too.
First off, great local family feel in the establishment, and so many great options! You arent getting ripped off with all lettuce and no toppings. These salads are decked out and filling, mine spread out over 2 meals! We loved the fresh and colorful ingredients that aren't offered many places when choosing a salad! Oh and the soup, delicious!!!